There is no EU legislation that unifies the criteria by which a brand or product can be considered BIO, ECO, Natural, etc... So these have been organized by private organizations based on different criteria. Lavanda&Co has turned to the company Suolo e Salute to provide assurance to its customers.

Suolo e Salute is a body of control and certification of the food and environmental industry. It was founded in Italy in 1969, being the first in promoting the organic mineral method, with the fundamentals that ecological farming is based on. Since 1992 it has been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture to control and certify ecological production. Ecological farming is a great passion for Suolo e Salute today; in Italy, controls more than 10,500 companies between producers and processors of organic products and 270,000 hectares. Suolo e Salute operates in Italy with two main offices, Fano and Bologna, and 13 branches, with the work of some 70 people, including employees and consultants, and 210 technical inspectors.

Since 2009, Suolo e Salute has offered certification for natural and organic cosmetics. The certification is governed by private technical regulations, developed in collaboration with industry experts to meet the most important European standards, when in fact there is no legislation on certified organic cosmetics. The regulation takes into account all aspects involved in the supply chain, such as producers and processors of organic products, cosmetic manufacturers, laboratories for the production of cosmetics and distributors.

Oils, essences, herbs and other ingredients to produce a soaps, lotions or creams with a corporate brand can be certified by Suolo e Salute.