Toxic Ingredients

We use on a daily basis a variety of cosmetic and hygiene products thinking that they are good for our skin and body however, we don’t know the adverse effects that many of these components may have. The law allows that these are administered in "safe doses" but the truth is that we use them day by day, as they are present in soaps, shampoos, creams, oils, toothpastes, makeup, etc.

Our skin absorbs much of what comes into contact with it, which can cause unwanted reactions in our metabolism; some components remain forever in organs and tissues, thus causing allergies, irritation, dermatitis, etc.

The following ingredients used in cosmetics go from being considered safe on limited doses only to not recommended at all,

* Mineral oils

* Silicones

* PEG and PPG derivatives

* Propylene Glycol


* Nitrosamines and nitrating agents

* Parabens and other preservatives

* Sodium Laureth Sulfate

* Formaldehyde derivatives

* Synthetic fragrances

* Dyes

* Chemical filters for U.V. rays in sunscreen products